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ICEGEN provides increased productivity with high quality at a lower cost as a result of our global operations capability. Our core focus is on developing unique, valuable and innovative enterprise-class solutions targeting Medical and Healthcare, Banking and Financial and Education sector.

Medical Billing, coding and collections(Revenue Cycle Management Services), Mobile application development and Asset Tracking solutions for Banks and Healthcare units, Patient Tracking and Equipment tracking for Hospitals etc; thus enabling its users to utilize the full capabilities of its resources.

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Information, Communication and
Education Generation Computing

" Information, Communication and Education Generation Computing " with the main focus of development towards new generation computing - Pervasive computing

We've developed a track record of client success, characterized by rock-solid accountability, industrial-strength architecture and unprecedented time-to-value. Our mission is simple To become the last best solution for the world of re-traceability THAT'S EVERYTHING

Icegen is involved with the constantly evolving new technologies and specifications and is positioned to assist clients in designing and implementing complete and intelligent solutions. The demand for customized solutions is growing. Icegen assists clients to easily deploy and manage rich solutions.

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Honesty, Integrity, Accountability
and Client success

Values are a way of life for every member of the ICEGEN team, imbibed deeply in their hearts and minds
values we apply to every aspect of our client relationship

We've worked hard to make values such as honesty, integrity, accountability, and client success more than mere words. This relationships is based on close, trust-based partnerships with our clients. The following are our guiding principles :

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'Growth' , 'Innovation' and 'Globalization'

ICEGEN is a products and services company focused on developing and licensing mobile and wireless solutions. Our offerings leverage handheld technologies to streamline the dissemination, collection and reporting of field-based data. Through the use of our technologies, companies have quicker access to the information that they depend on and improve the way they interact with employees, partners and customers.

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Project Management & Delivery Techniques

ICEGEN shall strive to achieve the following quality policy through effective Project Management & Delivery Techniques embodying a professional quality system by firm determination and positive participation

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Customer Success

Porter Management

At the outset, let me thank you for the implementation of this wonderful solution at our Flagship Hospital in Bangalore. Your team has done a very good job and this initiative is really bringing lot of benefits to us. In fact we have mapped the benefits of this solution with a study conducted by E & Y few months back highlighting the challenges in the earlier manual system of porters management and observed that this solution has helped us overcome all those challenges. I have summarised the key benefits below:

    1. Overall Porter Efficiency improved by 50%. As per E & Y study, the total turnaround time (TAT) prior to the implementation of PORTZO was around 50-60 mins per call which has now come down by almost 50%.

    The below diagram shows the process before PORTZO implementation.

    The below diagram shows the number of hours saved after PORTZO implementation.
    2. Elimination of Walkie-talkie based calling system with PORTZO. We had a large room with 3-4 supervisors, 2-3 registers to record the calls, 3 intercom systems & walkie-talkie set which is now replaced with a sophisticated system.

    3. Overall 2100 nursing hours’ savings per month. Each Nurse used to spend roughly around 12-14 for each call including call logging, follow ups etc. Now with the automation, she does this task in just 2-3 mins hence a saving of almost 10 mins per call.

    4. Nearest porter is assigned automatically.

    5. Real time Porters tracking and monitoring.

    6. Instant Messaging/Broadcast to Porters from Control Room.

    7. No more manual call logging & assignment.

    8. Online Porter utilisation & performance report available instantly of each ward.

    9. Online TAT report for each call. TAT data is used by HODs/Nursing Head for the review purpose for further improvements of the porter system.

We would also be extending this solution to all our group hospitals. I also had a very detailed review with Nurses, Nursing Head, Porter Supervisor, Unit Head, Admin Head, Head of the Quality etc at our flagship hospital Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore. I am glad to inform you that the solution is being highly appreciated by all the stakeholders. The response from Nursing side is really very positive and while the project team is fully motivated to roll-out more and more controls/features so as to strengthen the system further and also make it foolproof. Dashboards are also giving lot of actionable information for HODs. I would like to personally and also on behalf of entire MHB team & IT team, thank your entire team for delivering this solution. Your team did a wonderful job indeed and we look forward to your continued support to strengthen the present solution and also extend this solution to other group hospitals.

Nandkishor Dhomne, CIO, Manipal Hospitals

Porter Management

I would like to say we are impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the Portzer application. Users are raving about the difference between the old system and the new way of requesting for porter services in the hospital. The customer service department is happy now that they can have complete evidence based information at the press of a button whenever there is some query by users (doctors and nurses) on their request for porter services and why services was not forthcoming. I would also like to commend Icegen for their commitment and confidence in their own product to ensure users appreciate the usefulness of their application. We look forward to more partnership with Icegen in future which could help hospitals improve their processes. Thank you.

Choo Voon Chee, COO, Sunway Medical Center, Malaysia

Porter Management

PORTZO, is a revolutionary solution. Like UBER brought a significant change in how people commute; PORTZO has made wonders inside the hospital for patient transportation. I am happy to endorse and say we are impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of PORTZO. Nurses and porters are raving about the immediate results seen; Patients love it since their waiting time is reduced drastically. Just with click of few buttons there’s a world of difference seen between the old system and the new way of requesting for porter services in our hospital. At Apollo, Customer service is our core forte and our departments are happy now that they can have complete evidence based information at the press of a button whenever there is some query by users on their request for porter services and why services was not forthcoming. I appreciate Team Icegen for this innovative and brilliant solution and also their commendable job in executing this solution at our flagship hospital. There couldn’t be a better solution where users appreciate the usefulness of the solution at hospitals to improve their process; PORTZO fits just right. We look forward to implementing PORTZO in our group hospitals soon. Wishing you the best.

Shivakumar, CEO, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Porter Management

Dear TEAM ICEGEN, I’ve found the Portzo solution to have had an immediate impact upon on the way we look at manpower planning. Patient care is first and foremost on our minds and I have found Portzo to have significantly helped us in reducing response times for patient needs. Moreover, Portzo has allowed us to optimise deployment and actually reduce overall manpower needs. I look forward to working with the tram to expand its deployment and to also use it in creative ways in managing a whole host of other needs in the hospital.

Ashok Bajpai, MD, Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Porter Management

I am Shanthaiah from Bangalore Manipal Hospital (Control Room) wish to state that we had porter system for patient shifting, documents movements and sample collections by using Walky-Talky. And we have 3 supervisors and 65 porters in control room.

While using walky-Talky we struggled a lot to trace the porter, where they are and what they are doing, not even getting message from them. We don’t even have time to have breakfast or lunch. Daily we struggled a lot by receiving calls and speak out through Walky –Talky with porters and getting head ache. Nursing staffs will have to wait for 20mins to 30mins for a porter to shift the patient. Even nurses or PCC could not trace which porter has been sent and there was lot of problems for shifting/document movements. Even porters also don’t have time to go for breakfast & lunch.

And in the month of June & July’2016 ICEGEN Team introduced Tag System to control room and trained us to do work easily. After introducing this tag system, we feel very happy and easy to operate like Request, Assign Tag, Track , New Reg.

In the beginning I thought the tag system will not work. But after using the system and operating, I felt it is very easy to track porters, and even sending urgent messages, giving alarm and if any patient or documents get missed we are easily able to track it. All the porters are responding to their tags and completing their request in time without delay. The tag system is very very good and lite to handle. I feel very happy while the work is going on smoothly without talking rashly and shouting at porters.

So myself and our team appreciate ICEGEN for this introduction. They spent lot of time to teach us and they worked hard to complete the operation successfully.

Now also if we have any track problem i will call and inform, immediately they will respond to our complaints and rectify them without any delay.

Many many heart full appreciation and thanks to ICEGEN Team for introducing tag system in Manipal Hospital.

Shanthaiah, Porter Manager, Manipal Hospitals

Porter Management

Certainly with relentless planning, PORTZO was well executed with setting milieu for our operational efficiencies and allowing nurses to spend more time on patient care. Overall, the results of PORTZO user feedback reflects positive. I'm pleased to see the nurses response to PORTZO as feasible and beneficial solution. Moreover the customized reports provides more visibility on the support staff's utilization from management perspective. I'm appreciative for the time and effort you and your team took for implementing PORTZO at our place. Looking forward to continued collaboration for innovative contributions as we embark on projects.

Sarah Ilyas, Chief Nursing Officer, Aster Hospital, Dubai

Below are the feedbacks received from the nurses of Aster Hospital, Dubai

Porter Management

We have found Portzo system very useful with respect to porter requirement & availability. It has helped us to identify the actual porter requirement on micro basis as well as helped us to optimize the porter availability as per different weekdays & different time slots. We are very much pleased with your team for their commitment towards this project and would like to thank you & your team for the fast and smooth implementation of Portzo system in DMH. Looking forward to same quality of service in future as well.

Tushar Kanade, Manager Systems, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune

Asset Management

ICEGEN’s service level is good and reliable. People are committed and approachable, and ICEGEN always meets the timeline in project delivery and support services. Reaching the seniors in ICEGEN is possible at any point of time and will also get the response from them quickly.

Meikandadevan Selvaraj, Manager, Scope International Pvt. Ltd. (A wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, UK)

Asset Management

It has been more than 6 months since we started working together with you and your team. This association has been very productive and has helped our business in a lot of ways. The excellent support provided by your team is highly commendable and is worthy of praise. My special word of thanks to the whole team for being supportive during the course of the project. Thank you once again for all the support.

Mohd Waseem, Project Manager, SIEMENS Ltd.

Document Management

I am very pleased to see the level of progress which has been made - well done.

Simen Munter
Deputy CEO HSBC Bank

Asset Management

The RFID solution is satisfactory, Your team has done a good job.

Saurabh Mukherjee, Information Security Lead, Gallagher Technology Services, Arthur J Gallagher & Co.

Medical Billing and Health Care

One of HHM's biggest headaches during the past several years has been the conversion of data from and between various formats. Recently I have become acquainted with a group in India who has developed a number of sophisticated tools that remarkably facilitate the process.

I must commend that they are intelligent, eager and deeply committed to providing a unique level of customer service.

CEO Handheldmed Inc., U.S.A .

Blended Solution

"It is awesome, all I could keep saying was Wow and my mind has been spinning since! This actually fits quite will with our concept of a content connector as imperative for classroom management of devices. We can blend this into our offerings in education. You can probably tell I am excited. You guys really did it right."

Bill Kilcullen
Public Sector Education Solutions
US Enterprise Services

Medical Billing and Health Care

"You have excellent IVR coders and have been a great asset to our company. We are very pleased with the service that you provide. Please congratulate them for their hard work."

Janelle Babin
Billing manager Medical, Management Professionals (CBIZ MMP)

Blended Solution

"I am really happy with the response from the Teachers, its one of my biggest concerns when introducing new programs in a school. Glad to share that teachers like the program and they are eager to begin implementation with the students. I believe that our Students will benefit using this platform and that our teachers will enhance their instruction. Thank you so much for the opportunity!."

Luz Minaya
Technology Consultant
Instructional Specialist
IS528 Bea Fuller Rodger's School, New York.

Health Care

"ICEGEN provided Medical Wizards Corporation with quality software, on schedule and at budget. Icegen showed clear demonstration of commitment to quality and remarkable programming skill. The savings of international outsourcing were substantial, but no compromise in quality occurred, only an enhancement in quality, speed and skill over what Medical Wizards could have procured locally. This is a solid and mature software development company that stands behind its work and has a proven ability to perform.

We have already initiated several new projects with Icegen as a result of their expertise and superb work ethic."

Grant E. Fraser,
M.D., CEO Medical Wizards Corp.

Blended Solution

"Students were WAY too excited with the platform (even with the Internet lag issues). They liked it very much but dislike the fact that I was able to control their screen. ;-) We cannot wait to get started here in Cicero."

Brad Randmark
Director of Technology and Information Services
Cicero School District 99

Asset Management

This letter is to express our complete satisfaction with the services provided by Icegen to Universal Postal Union (UPU) in the RFID solution and infrastructure installation process in India for the Global Monitoring System (GMS) international project by the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

The services of Icegen were provided in a very professional manner, within predetermined time constraints. Icegen, based on their proven technical skills, provided their knowledge to UPU's team throughout the certification process.

UPU intends to continue this fruitful collaboration and partnership with Icegen for maintenance of the system as well as for future RFID projects.

Joan Pons
Manager, UPU, Switzerland.

Health Care

"I am very pleased with our OnTimeRx® software.
Your team approach was great for this project. The quality of the work, the dedicated service, and the quick responses for revisions were especially appreciated - and all for a fair price.

That's what makes Icegen a good value in a very competitive market.
I look forward to working with you again on a future project.".

Susan Torrico,
President AmeliaPlex, Inc.

Mobile Solutions

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work that your people are doing.
I want to thank all the team members, especially for their dedication in producing a top quality product that has met the high specifications.
In choosing a company for the first time, it is always a big gamble as to their professionalism, ability, and commitment to producing a work of acceptable quality.

Your company has definitely exceeded my expectations and I am delighted to have found such a company.
I am also excited to have found a company that I can trust and depend on for all of my future developments.

Dana F. Oakes
President, Health Educator Inc., USA.

Health Care

Your team has been a fixture at Kali Labs for the last month. I had some funny feelings about companies from India but you have erased all of that and now I understand why Indian companies are so successful. I am truly proud of you all for making it a successful venture.

Veerappan Subramanian, Director, PAR pharmaceuticals, USA.

Moblie Solutions

"We were very pleased with the quality of the Japanese files. Thanks to all your team for their hard work. "

Emma McDade
Production Head, HarperCollins, U.K

Medical Billing and Health Care

"I want to thank you and your staff for all your hard work. You really came through for me in the end".

Joe Selby
Production head, Elsevier Inc.

"The response and work we have received from Icegen, has exceeded our expectations.".

Jeffrey Barat
D&B Engineering of NJ, USA.

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful team you have! Rachel and Mini have been such a pleasure to work with. I have a few projects I would like to develop. I will reach out to Rachel for proposals."

Douglas Carlson
CEO, Carlson Brothers Inc., U.S.A

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