Asset Management Soultion for Larsen and Toubro – RFID based

Larsen and Toubro,, Mumbai, a technology giant, wanted to know the movement of their laptops in and out of the premises. They also wanted to know who was carrying the laptops, is he/she authorized to carry. All these they wanted to be recorded automatically without much human intervention. So, only solution was to implement a RFID based Asset tracking solution.

ICEGEN’s RFID-based asset management system have given a one-stop solution for Larsen and Toubro.

Current Process and Bottle-necks:
  • Laptops that come into the premises require to be manually entered into the register available at each entry point.
  • Inability to track Assets within stipulated amount of time can have unfavorable impact on the business.
  • Unproductive utilization of labor: Avoiding manual searching through cabins, rooms and floors save good amount of valuable employee time.
  • At times, the lost/misplaced assets took days to locate or they needed to be replaced even though they are present in the facility but unable to locate.
ROI by Implementing RFID solution
  • Whenever the assets are taken IN or OUT of the zone, the RFID Portal gateway at the zone automatically captures the RFID Asset tag data as well as the staff who is carrying the Asset.
  • The RFID System checks for authorized movement of the Asset and the personnel and alerts the administrator on discrepancy.
  • The movement of the Assets are automatically captured in the backend database without any manual supervision.
  • At any point of time an administrator can get the status of a particular Asset and in which zone it is located.
  • End of day reports can also be generated through the MIS Web Application.
  • Automated Asset Inventory can be done at the click of a button.
RFID Reader for tracking Asset Movement.