Medical Wizards Corporation

Medical Wizards Corporation, based in Redmond, Washington is a leading provider for handheld medical software for medical professionals. The product line include comprehensive drug guides with integrated calculators, laboratory and diagnostic test references, Emergency Pocketbooks, anatomy references and host of other popular products. Icegen converted Medicalwizards from one product to a 30 product company. Icegen developed these products with cutting edge technologies on the mobile platform and was able to produce some of the top notch, quality products that are available in the healthcare and medical industry. The highlights of Icegen's work will be the breakthrough technology of PICE, which helps in simplifying development that results in rapid rollout of products. Other remarkable highlights would be the PICE Anatomy Reader and PICE e-Book Reader. Icegen developed innovative products based on the architecture of PICE. Some of the showcase products will be Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards with full of high quality images, Davis's Drug Guide Reference, Tarascon Pediatric Emergency Pocket Book and host of other products. Samples of Icegen's work for Medical Wizards can be downloaded from the Medical Wizards'site at Contact us if you would like to learn more about Icegen's custom solutions based on the above technologies.