On-Time-Rx is a comprehensive product designed for better medication management. It is designed for anyone with a handheld computer and a need to take medications routinely.

Icegen was entrusted with the task of designing and developing the product for handheld devices. Icegen with its path breaking PICE technology was able to make a rapid roll out of the product. This application will help the patients get organized, follow their doctor's orders precisely, refill their prescriptions on time, and ultimately achieve better therapeutic outcomes.

All patient information is conveniently stored and easily maintained in the On-Time-Rx system. It can be updated frequently as conditions change, so that it serves as a portable medical history. Having this data readily available can save valuable time in an emergency or at a hospital admission. With the touch of a button, the data is easily viewed directly on the hand held device. No special viewer or reader is needed to access the data.

This remarkable mobile application gives the client (Hospitals, physicians and Healthcare provides) a superior medication management, a perfect solution for caregivers and a simple solution for the complex problem of medication. Doctors and nurses have recognized the need for this Award-winning software.