Pharmaceuticals- Chemical Bottle tracking at PAR Pharma’s KALI Laboratories campus, NJ, U.S.A

ICEGEN RFID Solution RFID Solution: Kali Laboratories is a leading research and development laboratory in USA and is part of PAR Pharmaceuticals Inc., which is the fifth largest generic drug manufacturer in United States of America (U.S.A). Kali Laboratories relies heavily on technology for effective management, compliance and added security. RFID is one such initiative that would enhance and control their work process and provide instant access to information. "Chemical bottle tracking" using ICEGEN RFID Solution RFID provides maximum advantages to Kali Laboratories.

ROI: Below are some of the ROIs with ICEGEN RFID solution RFID solution
  • Eliminate compliance and FDA audit issues regarding usage or storage of expired chemicals and standards in the facility.
  • Avoid potential recall of marketed batches or retesting and laboratory investigations, which arise by the usage of expired chemicals and standards.
  • By maintaining proper inventory controls, productivity loss can be eliminated due to timely re-ordering of chemicals, reagents and standards.
  • Improve inventory tracking and visibility with real time tracking and auto synchronization
  • Improve operations by providing accurate, timely and detailed information to (LIMS) ERP system.
  • Reduced inventory by greater visibility of stock on hand, this in-turn would result in just in time stock with increased working capital for business.
  • Provides complete tracking, verification and validation of bottle movements.
  • RFID facilitates online data capturing, improved Traceability and know about product genealogy (process back track).
  • Data captured online will be directly updated on Kali Lab's (LIMS) ERP, avoiding data entry , delay in data processing and facilitate instant data access at any point of time.
  • Reduced manual supervision