PORTZO - Porter Management Solution

PORTZO - Porter Management Solution

PORTZO - ICEGEN’s Porter Tracking Solution uses Wi-Fi tags that are used to track and also guide the porters on their tasks. In this system, every porter is mapped with a wi-fi tag. The tag has a display that is used to send short messages to the porters.

PORTZO - Porter Management Solution Video

Process Flow
  • Porters are mapped with Wi-Fi tags that have a unique number.
  • Whenever there is a requirement for a porter, the request can be raised through the web application by the nurses.
  • The system automatically selects the nearest porter and sends the detail of the request to his tag.
  • The detail will be displayed as a message on the tag. The porter reads it and reaches the location immediately.
  • The movement of the porters is automatically captured in the backend without any manual supervision.
  • At any point of time an administrator can get the status of a particular porter and the zone in which he is present.
  • End of day reports can also be generated through the web application.

Each porter was issued a badge that transmitted a unique ID number correlated with his ID in the Icegen software. If a nurse requires a porter, she opens Icegen's Porter Tracking Solution software on her desktop computer, presses a prompt to make her request and selects the type of task that she requires, such as moving a patient or trolley, along with the destination. In addition, the nurse can opt to make the call urgent, by selecting that prompt in the software. The Icegen software receives the request along with the nurse's desktop-based location, and can then assign the porter automatically. The system searches for porters within the nurse's vicinity, based on the transmission of those individuals' badges, and screens out those already responding to an order. The software selects the proper recipient and the superintendent views that assignment, prompting the system to transmit a message to that porter's badge, indicating the request.

The porter then presses the blue button on the tag to acknowledge receipt. If he does not acknowledge the request, the porter supervisor is alerted and can try to contact him via walkie-talkie.

The porter can be tacked to check if he is moving to the right destination. The real-time location of the porter can viewed with the position of the porter shown in the map as shown in the picture below.

Upon delivering the person or item to the desired destination, the porter presses the red button on the badge, thereby indicating that the request has been fulfilled. If the task is not completed within the expected amount of time, an alert can be issued to the supervisor.

Once the porter has pressed the red button, the software updates his status as available for more orders.

Different types of reports can be generated. This helps to check the efficiency of every porter.

This graph shows the requests raised in each category. Graph shows the number of request handled by each porter under each category Graph shows the number of request handled by a porter, time-wise Graph shows the time taken (in minutes) by a porter for completing a task
With PORTZO the efficiency has gone up and time-taken has reduced.

"PORTZO" Awarded the Best Innovative Product