A Product for Research Driven Approach To Education

Touch-on-Cloud One is built on the back of pedagogical research which has proved that students tend to learn and assimilate best when:


Students are saved of multitasking. i.e., listening. comprehending and writing at the same time hence the common teacher layer is broadcasted live instantly. allowing students to pay attention.


Teachers whiteboard concepts live as opposed to relying only on prepared text or stick slides hence we allow smart embedding of definitions or theorems from slides at textbooks, and facilitate teacher white boarding in-between.


Students write their own interpretation of a taught concept as opposed to blindly copying what the teacher says hence the flexibility of the student to annotate overlaying the teacher notes.


Learning outcomes are evaluated live in the classroom as opposed to on the big exam day hence we provide in class quizzes/polls, with real-time student analytic's to enable the teacher responsively tailor her lecture and spot the reticent slow learners.

For Schools , Colleges and Coaching Institutes

We offer the following 3 models for middle-school and high-school at decreasing per-student price points:

Device per student :

We source tablets to suit the purse of your 1:1 learning program, bundle content of your choice and wireless enable your campus

Tablet lab implementation :

We convert a room you earmark into a 40-50 seater tablet lab, setup a server and router, a teacher’s digital desk and provide upto 1000 cloud logins for students.

Economy model :

This low cost model provides a tab for the teacher that can work in conjunction with your existing classroom projector or interactive whiteboard, with cloud access of in-class content to all students.

Touch On Cloud One

Multiple devices | Multiple segments | Multiple benefits


We offer 3 models for engineering schools, business schools, law schools and medical schools, with integration and single sign-on with your existing learning management systems.

Device per student :

We source tablets to suit the purse of your 1:1 learning program and bundle content from our partners*

Computer lab implementation :

Engineering schools with fully equipped Win / Mac labs can get more interaction from lab classes

Bring your own device :

Let your student laptops and tabs come to life in collaborative classrooms with
Touch-on-Cloud-One licenses. Engineering and medical content available.


Expand your geographic reach and differentiate from competitors through 3 models:

Tablet lab :

Convert your coaching centers into tablet-equipped desks that wireless create classroom magic.

Multi-center distance learning :

Your teachers teach from one location, students attend tablet-equipped centers and the classes come alive through the cloud.

Learn-at-home internet classes :

Students attend classes from home, with voice from a dial-in and collaboration delivered through Touch-on-Cloud-One.

For Educational Institutions

If you area a Teacher

Get real-time data in the classroom about student understanding, beyond interpretations of students facial expressions.

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If you area a Student

You to get the see best answer in class live when the teacher presses a button. The secret sauce of the math whizkid in your class is with you forever!

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If you area a Parent

See every class come alive on the tablet with voice. Recount your child having fun with apps and games relevant to a course. Watch your child evolve from carrying a bag full of books to just a digital slate as his skills grow!

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If you area a Management

Give your school the true tablet edge, beyond games and fad. Move to the cloud without spending too much on infrastructure. Monitor your teacher's classroom activities. Share your content with partner schools and let your teacher get the attention she deserves!

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Create Connect And Engage

Touch-on-Cloud-One is a versatile learning operating system that can transform classrooms into collaborative learning centers with high learning outcomes. Touch-on-Cloud-One revolutionists education delivery through smart engineering along 3 themes - Create, Connect and En-gauge.

Touch-On-Cloud-One is now available on Windows 8 platform


The best of human and digital content, from the best of user-generated, open and proprietary sources.

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In-class personalized interventions, collaborative learning and peer learning, sans inefficiencies.

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New pedagogic to ensure students are in rapt attention, with progress tracked virtually every class

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A reseach driven approach to education

Touch-on-Cloud-One is built on the back of pedagogical research

The future of all the time learning

Touch-on-Cloud-One is a tablet and cloud based learning operating system which poetically uses technology to revolutionize pedagogy. It's holistic approach to learning and teaching results in breakthrough improvement in classroom collaboration, making it the next-generation in ICT, much beyond traditional learning management systems. Here is how Touch-on-Cloud-One bridges the physical digital divide:

A new in class pedagogy

using Touch-on-Cloud-One, teaches and students are networked in classrooms (conventional or online) and off it. Real-time collaboration and feedback to and fro between all members of a class is the backbone of Touch-on-Cloud-One.

  • Teacher white boarding is broadcasted automatically to all students instantly.
  • Students have the ability to innovate notes on top of the teacher layer.
  • Teachers, can at a tap, monitor student answers and provide feedback in real-time.
  • The best work in a class can be shared among all members at a tap.

Blended Learning

Touch-on-Cloud-One provides a conduit to the breadth and width of open content on the internet including YouTube for Education, Wikipedia , Opem Course-ware and Gooru, (a learning search engine).

Touch-on-Cloud-One allows teachers to create custom content, rich with multiple media formats, including assessments, by blending content on the internet with their proprietary content created on the whiteboard or in MS Office formats.

All the time access

Touch-on-Cloud-One syncs content generated in the classroom with all its multimedia richness, with the cloud, for students and teachers to access from home, to replay classroom lectures (with audio) and to share or combine and study within their peer group.

Easily extendable to online education and distance learning

Touch-on-Cloud-One adds particular value to distance learning programmes by complementing and even replacing video conferencing solutions, with the teacher in a distant location having the ability to control a student's activity in another location. Touch-on-Cloud-One helps multiply student reach and makes the best teachers available far and wide.

For Better Teaching Experience

Our Customer Success Testimonials

Institute of Applied Technology

I have reviewed your product and must say it is the kind of technology solutions that can transform education.

Senior Faculty, Institute of Applied Technology, UAE

National Library of Singapore

This product will enhance the teacher's access to the student's work and also how students interact with each other. The possibilities are limitless.

Former CEO, National Library of Singapore

Premier Higher Education Group

This was the first app I have seen that actually made sense in terms of using iPads in the classroom.

Senior Faculty, premier higher education group, UAE

Leading IB School

Content on an interactive whiteboard is passé. Tablets and Touch-on-Cloud One is the future of ICT

Principal, leading IB school, Bangalore