Collaborative Classrooms, Connected Learning with Touch-On-Cloud-One
A disruptive classroom collaboration product geared for 1:1 environments, where every student uses a computing device - tablet, laptop or desktop. Touch-On-Cloud-One improves learning outcomes in your institution, be it a K-12 school or an engineering school or a business school or a medical school or any higher-ed university.
Unparalleled Interactivity
Teacher white-boarding, notes, files and evaluations are broadcasted live to all students. Students screens are visible to teacher at any point.
Class-Book On-the-go
A dynamic book is created from classwork encapsulating all artefacts and annotations. Each session is stored intelligently under a lesson and course hierarchy defined by the teacher.
Constructive Control
Student attendance, attention and understanding are monitored live in the class. Teachers can invoke or broadcast student screens, lock them and blank them.
Real Collaboration
Students learn from each other when they can see each other’s screens through the teacher. They can also engage in collaborative group work live in-class. Students can turn presenters to teach the rest of the class as well.
Assessment Suite with Analytics
Quizzes can be launched and analysed live. Assignments with multimedia questions and answers can be published with detailed grading rubrics. Threaded discussons can be graded. Grades from each of these individual and collaborative assessments can be aggregated into a custom, teacher-defined grade book.
On-premise installation
Our client development team pays detailed attention to the requirements of each institution depending on scale and load. Students and teacher devices across the campus can access Touch-On-Cloud-One using intranet WiFi without the need for expensive & unreliable broadband.
BYOD Ready
Authored in HTML5, Touch-On-Cloud-One is device and OS agnostic.
Result : Improved learning outcomes
Touch-On-Cloud-One is proven to improve student scores across a variety of courses and more importantly, their fun quotient at school.