Asset management solution for Arthur J Gallagher – RFID based

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., One of the world's largest insurance brokerage and risk management services firms based out of U.S.A., wanted to track their assets and an Asset Management system. They wanted real-time IN and OUT time-stamp of their assets and also a perfect alert system for unauthorized movements. ICEGEN’s RFID-based asset management system has fulfilled their requirement.

RFID Laptop Tracking Solution Live Video
Process with RFID :
  • Assets(Laptops) will be attached with RFID tags that have a unique identification number.
  • Laptops data will then be mapped with the individual employee records.
  • Whenever the assets are taken IN or OUT of the zone, the RFID Portal gateway at the zone automatically captures the RFID Asset tag data as well as the staff who is carrying the Asset.
  • The RFID System checks for authorized movement of the Asset and alerts the administrator on discrepancy.
  • The movement of the Assets are automatically captured in the backend database without any manual supervision.
  • At any point of time an administrator can get the status of a particular Asset and in which zone it is located.
  • End of day reports will be generated through the MIS Web Application.
  • Automated Asset Inventory can be done at the click of a button.
ROI by Implementing RFID solution
  • Improved operational efficiency by reducing the amount of time required to track and trace an Asset.
  • Better security control by providing automatic vigilance on Asset moving outside restricted area.
  • RFID solutions facilitate online data capturing, improved Traceability and know about Asset genealogy (process back track).
  • Data is captured online and directly updated to the backend, avoiding data entry, delay in data processing and facilitate instant data access at any point of time.
  • Reduced manual supervision
The above RFID-based Asset tracking and management system solution for Arthur J. Gallagher is now used as a case study for many of our clients.