Asset Management Solution for SIEMENS – RFID based

SIEMENS, Gurgaon, needed a fool-proof technology that would enhance and control their Asset management, provide additional security and provide better track and trace of critical assets. As the usage of the assets increases day-by-day, keeping track of them becomes essential and we have succeeded in providing better solution to them. The proper records about the asset-usage and location status of the asset are vital for asset management system, but obtaining these data manually and maintaining the same was difficult and not viable. So, only solution was to implement a RFID based Inventory Management for SIEMENS.

ICEGEN’s RFID-based asset management system have given a one-stop solution for SIEMENS.

Current Process and Bottle-necks:
  • Excel sheets were used to manually enter Laptops and IT assets that come into the premises.
  • Inability to track Assets within stipulated amount of time.
  • Wastage of resource and labor's time in manual searching through cabins, rooms and floors while auditing.
  • Lost/misplaced assets couldn't be located or replaced.
ROI by Implementing RFID solution
  • No need of manual entry on In-stock assets.
  • The data from the excel spreadsheet can be imported in the tool.
  • The data from the application can be exported to excel spreadsheet.
  • Mail content and receivers can be configured
  • User viewing pages can be configured.
  • At any time we can view the total count allotted and In-stock.
The above RFID-based Asset management system solution for SIEMENS is now used as a case study for many of our clients.

RFID Tags and Handheld Reader for taking Asset Inventory. Handheld Reader application for taking Asset Inventory.