Asset Tracking solution at AIRTEL, INDIA – RFID based

Airtel, leading integrated telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa. Airtel relies heavily on technology for operation management, compliance and added security. RFID Tracking is one such pilot initiative, which has enhanced and controlled their Asset management by providing additional security and better track and trace of critical assets such a Antenna's,TR cards etc.

Current Process and Bottle-necks:
  • Manual Inventory Procedures and Tracking.
  • Inability to track Assets within stipulated amount of time had unfavorable impact on the business.
  • Unproductive utilization of labor: Avoiding manual searching of TR cards save good amount of valuable employee time and reduce down time.
  • At times, the lost/misplaced assets took long durations to locate or they need to be replaced even though they were present in the warehouses but unable to locate.
  • Failure to locate the assets based on Telecom Site/Location etc.
  • Lack of inventory compliance.
ROI by Implementing RFID solution
  • Provide Real-time Inventory Data Includes Site Location around the country, state, individual site, Warehouse building.
  • Real-time Notification of Asset Removal Or Tamper Alarms (Antenna's, TR Cards etc).
  • Efficient and Effective Asset Management across the state and cities which leads to increase in customer satisfaction
  • Accurate Inventory Data.
  • Reduced Lost Asset Exposure.
Antenna with RFID Tag Assets with RFID Tag's.