PORTZO – Porter Management Solution at Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals is interested in minimizing delays associated with moving patients, especially who are wheelchair-bound, from one checkup unit to other. In the department-centric world of hospital management, however, one department's needs are not necessarily compatible with another department's priorities. A patient's length of stay depends on effective patient transportation and orchestration of the resources (Porters) to move them effectively. Also, the availability of medical assets/equipment at right-time is vital for patient care. Any delay in these will have a negative effect on not just the hospital's reputation but on their revenue too. ICEGEN’s PORTZO - Porter Solution helps in automating above said systems and also in resolving the current bottlenecks.

PORTZO - Porter Management Solution Video

PORTZO - At Manipal Hospitals
Process with PORTZO:
  • Porters are mapped with Wi-Fi tags that have a unique identification number.
  • Whenever there is a requirement for a Porter, the request can be raised through the web application by the nurses.
  • The system automatically selects the nearest Porter and sends the detail of the request to his tag.
  • The detail will be displayed as a message on the tag. The porter reads it and reaches the location immediately.
  • The movement of the Porters is automatically captured in the back-end database without any manual supervision.
  • At any point of time an administrator can get the status of a particular Porter and the zone in which he is present.
  • End of day reports can also be generated through the Web application.
Different types of reports can be generated. This helps to check the efficiency of every porter.

This graph shows the requests raised in each category. Graph shows the number of request handled by each porter under each category Graph shows the number of request handled by a porter, time-wise Graph shows the time taken (in minutes) by a porter for completing a task
With PORTZO the efficiency has gone up and time-taken has reduced.

"PORTZO" Awarded the Best Innovative Product