AIRMAIL Tracking Solution for UPU-GMS ‘INDIA POST’ – RFID based .

UPU (Universal Postal Union) realizes RFID technology being capable of meeting the demanding requirements of GMS for the tracking of Air-mails. In the context the international environment of the UPU-GMS project for the Universal postal union (UPU), with the participation of 14 countries in its initial phase.

Icegen in association with AIDA Centre (Spain) implemented RFID technology in the Asian Continent. Below are the photos of Indian sites at INDIA POST Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Kochi.

ROI by Implementing RFID solution
The official size of the global letter post market is 437 billion items (UPU 2005). The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is a specialized agency of the United Nations which has been charged with improving the global performance of mail. A link between letter mail quality of service and the payments made between countries has been agreed as the method for achieving this objective.

  • Whenever the Mails arrive into the country and is brought Into the INDIA POST premises and moves OUT of the premises, the RFID Portal gateway automatically captures the RFID tag data on the mails.
  • The movements of the Mail bags are automatically captured in the backend database without any manual supervision.
  • At any point of time an administrator can get the status of a particular Mail bag and the Country it's located in.
  • This solution facilitates online data capturing, improved Traceability and Mail bags genealogy (process back track).
RFID implementation - INDIA POST Chennai Premises RFID Implementation - INDIA POST Mumbai Premises. RFID Implementation - INDIA POST Kolkata Premises. RFID Implementation - INDIA POST Delhi Premises.