Patient Clinical Tracker

Icegen designed and developed an innovative mobile application for handheld devices that provides clinicians with a multitude of mobile features. The physician can take his patients' information with him when travelling between office, the hospital, or the patients' nursing home.

Patient Clinical Tracker enables you to add, delete, edit, and view and manage the patient with a variety of information on the fly. In addition, customizable and user- friendly documentation features minimize the note creation process, enabling clinicians to get the most out of their time while they are sitting with a patient. The palm-sized device allows for maximum patient/physician interaction.

Patient Clinical Tracker also integrates with the Hospital information systems which provides clinicians, IT departments, and the hospital with a variety of clinical, productivity, and financial benefits.

With this innovative solution, clinicians immediately become more productive, accurate, and efficient with the power to access clinical patient information on their handheld devices. This smart mobile application gave our clients (Hospitals, physicians and Healthcare provides) superior analysis capabilities, automatic scoring and diagnosing, and a fool-proof way to ensure patients get the best of the treatments.

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