Pharmaceuticals – Product Promotion / Patient Education Software

The client,, a US based medical software provider primarily focused on the pharmaceutical companies listed in the Fortune 500. The Client specializes in interactive software on product promotion and patient education on Handheld devices, Tablet PCs and desktop computers.

ICEGEN collaborated with the Technical team at, lead by John W. Karapelou, an award-winning Board Certified Medical Illustrator. John is the recipient of 35 professional awards and a Past President of the Association of Medical Illustrators. He is also a visiting artist/lecturer at The Johns Hopkins University, The University of Michigan, The University of Texas, and the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Icegen developed Patient Digital Assistant, a new patient education delivery system and a product promotional medium utilizing all current formats, including mobile handheld technologies and conventional media. Each sponsored module covers one disease state.

This application saves physician time and effectively facilitates educating the patient. It allows the physician to simply document that the patient received the standard education for a given topic, assuring consistency in the information provided to each patient. Improves compliance with medication plan and provides the patient with both a visual and spoken presentation. Better understanding of the disease process and need for medication should improve patient compliance.

The application also provides physicians with a portable presentation. Aids in clear communication with non English speaking patients. Physicians can talk through the presentation using their handheld, or have an assistant start the automated presentation in the patient's native language on a computer, DVD, or VCR.

Icegen developed this solution on different conventional media and technologies such as Handhelds: PALM and Pocket PC, Tablet PCs for point of care, desktop computers: Windows PC, Quicktime file for Windows PC, or Mac, DVD and VCR. Desktop computer, DVD and VCR versions are designed for use in the doctor's office or for "at home" patient education.

Icegen also developed the application in the following languages: English, French with French Canadian localization and Spanish with Latin/Mexican localization.

This innovative solution developed by Icegen with the cutting-edge technology of PICE has acclaimed the satisfaction of our clients and also the pharmaceutical companies globally.

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