Patient Tracking Solution for Fortis Hospitals – RTLS/RFID based

Fortis Hospitals, a leading hospitals in India, is using Icegen's Real-time locating system (RTLS/RFID), 'Patient Mantra' to track their OP patients in their health-checkup facility. Fortis Hospitals wanted to speed-up their patient movement which was rather a slow process as the patients were unaware of their next process. The long waiting time of the patients, in turn, affects hospital's name and revenues.
ICEGEN's scalable Patient Tracking solution “Patient Mantra” helps in automating above said systems and also in resolving the current bottlenecks.

  • It was very difficult to find out the area which was heavily crowded and Vice-versa.
  • It was literally impossible to find out area where the patient was spending more time in waiting.
  • It was very difficult to find out particular patient at any given point of time.
  • Patients leaving without information to the hospital create issues with regard to appointment with the consultants the next day.
  • Patients with High sugar level were not traceable.
  • The current system did not guide the patient where to go next for performing the test.
  • They gave a print out for performing various tests, it was completely manual and error prone.
The Solution : Process Automated using RFID for patient tracking:
  • Patients are tagged with RFID tags that have a unique identification number at the time of registration.
  • As soon as the patient enters the test room and completes the respective test, the technician will press the RED and the BLUE buttons in the patient Tag; for process start and Process end.
  • “Patient Mantra” will know the location where the patient is and update the backend about the completion of the respective test and approaching the next test.
  • Digital screens installed at each department displays every patient's name, along with the department he or she should go to next.
  • If the patients jump the queue system; the alert will be sent to the floor manager about the specific patients.
  • Whenever the patient moves IN or OUT of the zone, the IDs of the Wi-Fi nodes receiving the transmission from the zone automatically captures the RFID Patient tag data.
  • The movement of the patients is automatically captured in the backend database without any manual supervision.
  • At any point of time an administrator can get the status of a particular patient and the zone in which he is present. Also calculate the concentration level of each zone.
  • End of day reports are generated through the “Patient Mantra” system/Application.
  • If the patient moves out of the marked zone or leaves the hospital with the tag, the ALERT message will be sent to the security at the gates and also to the systems in charge via: SMS, Email etc.
The ICEGEN RTLS system -“Patient Mantra” has enabled the hospital to improve the flow of patients through the process, and to save each patient hours of time that previously may have been spent waiting for a procedure to take place. The deployment is expected to not only shorten the time patients spend at the hospital, but also allow the facility to serve more patients each day, due to the added efficiency it provides.

Process TAT Graph from "Patient Mantra". Counter Waiting Time Graph from "Patient Mantra". Process Waiting TIme Graph from "Patient Mantra".