Our Mobile Solutions

Thanks to our wide range of experience in the area of wireless computing & communications, we can bring you all the elements necessary for the best choice of implementation.


We provide leading solutions for Medical Content Publishers, Medical Journals, Anatomy Publishers, Hospitals/Physicians/Nurses, Patient Education Content Providers, Pharmaceutical companies to transform their products and services to be provided on a handheld/mobile devices.
Broadly we provide following solutions to medical industry

  • Medical Ebooks
  • Drug References with Auto updates
  • EMR management on PDA
  • Online data synchronization for medical journals
  • Handheld extensibility from HMS and Enterprise level applications
  • e-prescriptions
  • Patient Management System with handheld extensibility
  • Anatomy on PDA and Desktop
  • Drug Calculators
  • Patient education Systems
  • Wireless synchronization and data access for doctors on the move
  • Sharing of data between physicians and hospitals

Our commercial offers are modular in accordance with your operating and investment budgets.

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Feedback Mantra

Tablet Feedback application is featured to replace the manual forms used to obtain feedback from the patients with electronic form, which removes the Human factor involved in the Data Collection.

This Feedback application adds transparency in the way the feedback is taken as the feedback is directly filled by the patient and the data enters the server directly without any human intervention.


PDA - Patient Digital Assistant (PDA ON TABLETS)

Patient Digital Assistant is a new patient education delivery system utilizing all current formats, including mobile handheld technologies and conventional media. Each sponsored module covers one disease state.


Davis’s Drug Guide

Davis’s Drug Guide for Mobile up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical information on over 5,000 trade name and generic drugs. This powerful resource contains everything you need to provide premium care to your patients including information on dosing and administration, safety, interactions, patient teaching, and much more.


RFID / RTLS based Porter Application for Hospitals

Porter Application is a RTLS based application system used in Hospitals to Control/Monitor/Schedule the Room Cleaning Service done by the Deck Attendants.


Tablet based Product promotion and customer survey system

A mobile based survey and product promotion system which shows off the advanced, high-definition and high speed network.



ICEGEN views the implementation of full project life cycle management process as the essential connective element that holds every successful project together. Icegen has proven project management experience that ensures the reduction of risk, smooth communication and strong leadership. Our experienced professional talent team will define the project plan, schedule, and budget, secure the appropriate resources, identify risks, manage scope, and work towards the launching of the project. Areas of expertise include:

  • Proven Methodology - ICEGEN uses the quantifiable approach to ensure rapid-delivery and controlled quality at each step in the design, construction and deployment of development projects worldwide.
  • Complete Lifecycle Management - Extensive experience through all phases of the project management process, from scope and requirements gathering, to risk assessment and the work breakdown structure, to job assignments, work review, and status reporting.
  • Unmatched Attention to Quality - Commitment to continuous software process improvement and iterative development possibilities.
  • Complete Client Attention - Our project managers work closely with client at each step of the project implementation to ensure that all objectives are met.

ICEGEN views business case assessment as a tool to support planning and decision-making, and the implementation of development strategies. The ability to construct a solid business case should convey a concise statement of any given business problem, offer potential solutions, outline the consequences resulting from specific actions, and recommended ROI metrics for the proposed solution. Icegen offers business case development expertise in a number of key areas:

  • Hardware and software options and cost analysis
  • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Alternative cost/benefit and risk analysis
  • Organizational analysis
  • Change management
  • Success measurements

Outdated and unrefined business processes inevitably lead to waste in terms of time, money, and productivity. The discipline of Business Process Design, (BPD), is a model for expressing abstract and executable business processes that address all aspects of enterprise as a means to improve productivity. BPD centers on the critical analysis and design of workflows and processes within and between organizations conducted to achieve performance improvements. Icegen has built a practice that specializes in the development of optimized BPD models. Areas of BPD expertise include:

  • Existing process analysis
  • Development of business vision to project objectives
  • Strategic work flows and process modeling
  • Resource requirements and roles
  • Recommended organizational structure changes
  • Business processes dependencies analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Cost Analysis
  • BPD prototype design and construction

ICEGEN is dedicated to developing and bringing to market the best wireless technology solutions possible and has formed a wireless software development practice to do exactly this. We are fully committed to open, flexible, and easily extendible solutions. Furthermore, our ranges of services are available throughout the globe through our dual-shore development model. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality project teams and expertise in wireless technology to streamline business processes, decrease expenses and create new revenue potentials for our clients. Icegen handles all stages in the Development process such as:

  • Dual-shore optimized development models
  • Requirements gathering and definitions
  • Software architecture and design
  • Development of prototype models
  • Client approval processes and iterations
  • Total system development and coding
  • Quality assurance
  • End user evaluation and acceptance
  • Maintenance and support
  • Future migration and versioning strategies

ICEGEN's technical writing teams specialize in the production of technical documentation in a variety of production environments. Familiar with the documentary standards applicable to any given project, Icegen’s experience means that it can also design and construct non-standard documentation by analyzing the needs of the end-user. Areas of expertise include:

  • User manuals
  • Product details documentation
  • Installation or configuration documentation
  • Training manuals
  • Technical marketing documents

ICEGEN makes it a point to ensure that any potential risks that could act as a barrier to success are identified and handled early on in the project life cycle through a series of rigorous review and testing standards. The Icegen approach to quality assurance begins with project initiation and monitored until project closure. Verification and validation continues through requirements analysis to application deployment and user acceptance testing. Our ability to conduct offshore quality assurance and control activities not only keeps labor costs down, but also ensures timely delivery of work products. Our experience in the area of dual-shore quality activities prevents complex coordination and communication issues from developing. The best practices in quality assurance activities includes:

  • Continuous software process Improvement
  • Regular audits / analysis to ensure implementation of quality standards on ongoing projects
  • Rigorous project monitoring, control and tracking
  • Phase end reviews
  • Unit, integration and system testing
  • Code reviews
  • User and technical documentation

ICEGEN Support and Maintenance Services not only offer unmatched cost reduction possibilities, but also a high quality and disciplined approach to a wide variety of support and maintenance challenges. Icegen combines essential technology skills, industry business understandings, and process discipline to take an integrated program-management approach to maintenance and support. We offer outstanding professional services that enable our clients to outsource support and maintenance initiatives at extremely cost effective rates enabling the freeing up of internal resources and personnel.

  • Initial support and maintenance planning
  • Premier 24/7 application management enhanced via our dual-shore business model
  • Expertise in software product maintenance and website support & maintenance
  • Quality assurance and testing


The ICEGEN Professional Talent group provides custom application development and engineering services. The Group has successfully completed engagements for mobile devices that run on all the major handheld devices. Our continual delivery of successful and robust applications is made possible by virtue of the following:

We are a Certified Palm Developers and have been successfully delivering and implementing Palm OS based Applications. Our quality of work on PALM OS can be seen at Our device experience and PALM OS Skill experience list is below.

Palm Os

Palm SDKs
Code Warrior
Conduit SDK
Satellite Forms


Palm Pilot

We are Microsoft Solution Provider with expertise on developing applications on the Windows CE platform. Our quality of work can be seen at   Below is a list of our Windows CE skills and our device experience.

Windows CE Skills

Embedded VB
Embedded VC++
.Net Compact Frame Work


Compaq iPaq