SuperSpy is a Personal Information Management (PIM) application.

Icegen developed a comprehensive PIM application, codenamed "Superspy" an application intended to allow users to securely store sensitive information on their handheld device and desktop or laptop computer without fear of vulnerability. It will also allow the user to customize the level of security that deems appropriate.

This innovative application is handy that can Store Passwords, PIN Numbers, Personal contacts, policy numbers and any kind of sensitive information. It stores your sensitive valuable data in the password protected database. Superspy uses four kinds of encryption methods to keep your information secure and safe.

A highlight of this product is the integration with desktop application and the high level of security with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms. Icegen designed the application to meet the sophisticated demands of the customers, incorporating extensive use of graphics, multimedia and the ability to integrate with third party products.

The applications designed are expected to further strengthen the client's stronghold in the mobile market, improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers.